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Top 4 Reasons to Try Scuba Diving in Greece

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Underwater Greece offers a unique combination of elements making it one of the most ideal places to scuba dive.

1. Clarity Underwater
Underwater clarity is an important issue when it comes to diving, as it can affect your experience, as well as the duration and depth of your dive. If you see more clearly you can stay longer, go deeper and have more fun while doing it. Greece is known for its bright long lasting sunlight and its crystal clear waters making it an ideal place to scuba dive. In 2021 it was ranked 2nd in the world for its clean beaches, with 545 Blue Flags, which offer the highest clarity underwater.

2. Safe Marine Life
The Greek seas support a rare biodiversity of marine fauna, including thousands of species of fish, invertebrates and marine mammals, but most marine life in Greece is not dangerous. Sightings of a shark or other life threatening species in the Aegean sea are extremely rare. It is highly unlikely that you will have a “dangerous” encounter. Your instructor will explain to you how to interact with marine life in an observatory way which means you will experience some great encounters with many wonderful species.

3. Unique Diving Spots
The most special aspect of scuba diving in Greece is the uniqueness of its diving spots. There are multiple caves, caverns and walls to explore, but unlike other scuba diving destinations, Greece offers an opportunity not only to experience the marine culture but also its ancient and modern history. With more than 1.500 contemporary-era wrecks in the surrounding Aegean sea, some dated even from WWII, ranging from fighter airplanes to submarines and commercial boats, 500 of which can be explored by beginners to advanced divers. For ancient Greek history buffs In some islands you may find even relic sites dating from Ancient Greece.

4. Best Place for Scuba Diving Beginners
Dreamed of breathing underwater? Never scuba dived before? You are in the right place!
Greece is ideal for scuba diving beginners, as most beaches are easily accessible and the waters are very calm and shallow near the shore. The weather conditions are usually great for diving during the summer and there are more than 200 dive centers all around Greece ready to show you what breathing underwater feels like. To find the best scuba diving center near you try searching on divehop, there you can see reviews, features and other filters to help you find the right one.


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