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The Divehop Story

Somewhere along the way between the “how come there are no websites exclusively about scuba diving in Greece?” and the “lets quit our jobs and start our own platform”, the idea of divehop was born.Was it the lack of digital representation of many dive centers, our love for diving, or our entrepreneurial spirits waking up that gave us the push to take the leap? Probably all the above.

And that’s how divehop came about. An online booking platform exclusively for scuba diving in Greece.

Valuing quality over quantity, we decided to debut out platform for only four diving destinations for 2023: Paros, Antiparos, Mykonos and Santorini, with more places to be added in the future, hoping to eventually represent the entire scuba diving community of Greece.

While all-year-round online booking for scuba diving is our main service, we look further than that, and wish to inform and educate people about scuba diving, the Greek underwater world and the amazing experiences that it can offer.

Odysseas Primos &
Angeliki Zoumpouli

Divehop founders and sole owners

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